Korab’s Mountain

Mali Korabit, Peshkopi, Dibër, Albania

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It is a country rich in rare natural beauty, with rocks, rocks and pastures, which is visited by numerous climbers associations that can climb up to the top of which is 2764 m high. On the Macedonian side you can travel to the villages of Reka traveling from Greater Dibër-R.Macedonia to some of these villages such as Nistrova, Bibaj, Zhuzhnja, Rimnica, Grekaj, Tanushaj, Nivisht and the rest of the Strazimir by organizing alpine climbs each year. Coral Spire extends over 40 kilometers in the north-south direction between the lower part of Drini i Zi and its contributor Radika. It is located around the border triangle of Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, to the southwest of the Shari Mountains. Korab is a very rugged mountain massif and consists mainly of Paleozoic slopes and limestone with block structures as well as some heavily plastered rocks of Permian Triasic. On the west side, the mountain knocks on the rock walls. The northern side consists of rugged rocks. A type of double roof of Korabi I and II, which reaches the height of 2756 m, which is almost the same height, is about 150 meters northwest of Korab peak within Albanian territory. In the same ridge are the other two peaks reaching over 2700m, Radulova’s Shulani and Korabi III. The southeast, having a few rocky areas, share some meadows, which are accessed very simply, and occasionally by shepherds with their sheep’s flocks. Apart from the Korab peak, there are some more, almost at the same level of equal height. In the north of the twin peaks there are a number of other unnamed, with rocky towers of almost equal height. The peak lies about two kilometers southwest, (the tip of Korab / Korapska Mala Vrata) reaches 2727m. A few hundred meters south is another top of Morava’s top, which is 2718 meters. with just a few feet lower. the peaks are occasionally eroded by radial tectonics in the form of blocks at the end of the Radika Valley by the side of the Republic of Macedonia. These blocks occasionally have steep slopes reaching up to 500 m (1,640 ft). At its highest part, above 2000 m (6562 ft), the climate is alpine and includes some elements of alpine flora. Mali Korab is home to spectacular waterfalls in the upper valley of Përroi i Dejta (mk: Dlaboka reka). During spring time, waterfalls reach a height of over 130 meters, which makes it the highest in Macedonia. The state border interrupts the highest peak of Korabi big. The accession of the Republic of Macedonia includes the entry of the Macedonian-Albanian border area, for which a special permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia is needed, even though people regularly violate the law in Korab without it.


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