Kastrioti’s Museum

Sinë, Peshkopi, Diber, Albania

Business Description:

“Kastrioti Museum”, in Sina village of Dibra, is located only 20 kilometers from the town of Peshkopi. In 1985 this area was defined by historians as the center of the Kastrioti Principality and the birthplace of the Albanian national hero Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg. For this purpose in the village of Sinë e Poshtme was built this year the museum.
The existence of “Skanderbeg Cape”, “Guri i Gjin”, and finding a stone inscription, during excavations for plita, led to the construction of the museum, which has consisted of a series of objects of collected fighters over the years.
During the 1990s this museum was plundered and it seems that this is not over yet. In May 2011, it was possible to reconstruct the museum after it was announced that it would arrive from Italy Giorgo Marino Scanderbeg, and fortunately the works were closed the previous day.
Already the “Kastrioti Museum” is out of order and almost empty inside.
Along with the devastating road, which greatly impedes the arrival of visitors, it is regrettable that the “loss” of objects is also noted.
One resident of the area says: “The municipality should give 50 thousand lek (old) for the person who will maintain and play the role of the gangster, but they do not give me any money, they left me as a duty” .
So is the fate of our monuments written, a disgusting fate among robberies and robberies.


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