Dhermi Vlore Albania

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“DHermi is the second village of Himara province. Situated along the Ionian Sea and on the slopes of the Acropolis, Acropolis, which the Roman poet Horaci describes as “”infames scopulos Acroceraunia””, among the greenery of many olive and citrus trees, the village has a magnificent beauty, and according to the English traveler is the most magnificent in his setting of any other place I have seen in the Acropolis and resembling no less Athletic or Amalfi.

Dhermi lies at the end of a beach more than five kilometers long, the beach that ends on a hill above which stands the monastery of St. Theodore. The village consists of three neighborhoods: Kondraqa, or Rama, which is the first settlement for those coming from Llogaraja; followed by Gjileku and Dhërmiu – the third and largest neighborhood that has given the name of the village. In total, the entire village has about 600 homes, with about 300 in Dhërmi, 150 in Gjilek and 150 in Kondraq. Dhermi village is 52 km south of Vlora, 72 km in Saranda and about 210 km from the capital of Tirana. From the administrative side Dhërmi belongs to the Municipality of Himara, the province of Himara, Vlora district.


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