Cape of Rodon, Albania

Kepi i Rodonit, Durres Albania

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Rodoni’s Cape is a peninsula in the form of a peninsula entering the interior of the Adriatic Sea. It extends into a triangular form between Rodoni Bay in the north and Lalzi in the south. In the north, the River Ishm flows through one of the small rivers of Albania. Rodoni’s Cape is the largest cape in our country, which encloses the southern part of the Drin Bay. Parallel with its shore lies the clay hills, which are distinguished by the round forms surrounding the entire cape. Some of them are covered by small forests creating two sumptuous colors: the blue of the sea and the green of the shore. The Rodon Castle was built by Skanderbeg around 1451-1452. While additional works on it were made in 1463, when Skanderbeg brought several Ragusian building masters. After the death of Skanderbeg, the castle was taken over by Venice, which in the 1500s when Durres began threatening the Ottomans, undertook works to rebuild it. The purpose of building this fortress from Skanderbeg was to provide a seafront communication, controlled by the Venetians, who always looked at Skanderbeg’s policy with suspicion.


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