Bashkia Përmet

Permet Albania

Business Description:

Përmeti is bordered to the north by the municipality of Skrapar, east of the municipality of Kolonjë, in the west with the municipalities Libohova and Këlcyrë. The capital of the municipality is the city of Permet. According to the Census of 2011, the municipality has a population of 10,614. Meanwhile according to the Civil Registry, this municipality counts 20,301 inhabitants. The new municipality lies in an area of ​​601.95 km2 with a density of 33.72 inhabitants / km2. This municipality consists of 5 administrative units. The new municipality has under its administration a city and 49 villages. The municipality of Përmet is surrounded by rare natural and monumental estates, as well as historical ones, old churches and monasteries. The Hotova National Park with its rare Mediterranean spruce, the curative baths in Bënjë, the canyons of Bënja and Lengarica, the House of the Frasheri brothers, the Churches of Leusas, Kosina, Bual, and Bjenja are followed by some typical arches of bridges, of the XVIII century as that of Kati or Bënja. These natural resources make the municipality of Përmet an enchanting destination for Albanian and foreign tourists. The perpetrators deal with small commercial activities, which are fragmentary and often only some of the family members are employed. Although the tourism sector is one of the main sectors of economic development, it still has little development, small hotel capacity in the city and less host to tourists in the surrounding villages. The fortieth mountains of Përmet, although they have large and virgin spaces that can be used for hiking and mountaineering. One of the rare assets of the area, Benja Thermal Bath, about 14 km from the town of Permet.


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