Bashkia e Elbasanit

Rruga 11 Nëntori, Elbasan, Albania

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Geographical area: The new municipality of Elbasan is bordered to the north by the municipality of Tirana, east of the municipality of Librazhd, in the southeast with the municipality of Prrenjas, southwest with the municipality of Gramsh and west with the municipalities of Cërrik and Peqin. The capital of the municipality is the city of Elbasan.

Population: According to the Census of 2011, this municipality has 141,714 inhabitants with a density of 162.51 inhabitants per km², while according to the Civil Registry it has a population of 205,892 people and a density of 236.11 inhabitants per km². The Municipality of Elbasan has an area of ​​872.03 km2.

This municipality consists of 13 administrative units, which are: Elbasan, Labinot-Fushë, Labinot-Mal, Gjinar, Shushicë, Gjergjan, Funar, Shirgjan, Tregan, Gracen, Bradashesh, Zavalinë and Papër. All administrative units are currently part of the district of Elbasan and the district of Elbasan. The new municipality has under its administration a city and 116 villages. To see the full list of towns and villages of this municipality


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