Rruga Kalase, Durrës, Albania

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The Durrës amphitheater is a unique public monument in our country. It was built near the traditional city center, on the field ground and partly on the hill. It is regarded as the architectural and architectural clock of ancient times and the work of local masters. It has a 136 mm diameter ellipse and about 20m height. It was built at the beginning of the century. II, at the time of the Roman Emperor Trajan (98-117). In it it was about 15-20 thousand spectators. who followed the matches between the gladiators. It had the main entrance from the north and an exit to the south on the same axis. The eastern facade of the city center has been double-faced with arches and columns and above them a decorative window structure. Discovering the arena would clarify the function of the amphitheater. Games at the ancient amphitheatres were banned by the Roman emperor Honor in 404 The discovery of the amphitheater started in 1966 until 1970. Parallel with the monument, medieval graves were discovered in the arena area. In the following years, several expeditions were carried out, which have completed the documentary and architectural records on this monument.


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