Biblioteka “Thoma Turtulli”

Business Description:

The Korça Children’s Library, a gift of the splendid charity of our city, Thoma Turtulli, for the people of Korça, where we all have our children’s memories, apart from the educational service that she has exercised for the city, is for us a rare work unrepeatable architectural.
Though a small building, it is in miniature, a perfect work, built up in neoclassical style with elements of the ancient world, which prevailed architecture, in building important institutions of the most developed and civilized countries in Europe and America, at the end of the century. 19th and early 20th centuries. 20th.
Our library, therefore, donated by Turtle, resembles parliaments, universities, theaters, opera houses, museums, auditoriums, libraries, etc. of these places, and the main element of this illustration are its famous stilt columns.

It is enough to say that such columns are decorated: Erekthioni in Acropolis of Athens, Coloseum in Rome, White House in Washington, War Memorial in Indiana (US), British Museum in London, University in Minessota, University of Oslo, Central Post Office in Dublin, Athens Academy, etc., etc.

There are three so-called rhythms or styles, the main classical columns: the Corinthian, Doric, and Ionic styles

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